Will Kendrick

Glasgow based artist Will Kendrick uses varied digital techniques alongside Fine Art practice to create vivid and captivating digital installations. He has exhibited in both solo and group shows throughout the UK and Europe and has been awarded Residencies from Bath to Barcelona. His work explores the blurring of lines between the physical and digital realms, while referencing the collapse and the paralleling of time that has marked Western cultural output since the mid-20th century.

Will’s piece, Light in the Hatch is a multifaceted digital installation commissioned especially for this year’s CtD’s. The works’ diverse forms and eclectic referents reflect a broad spectrum of human endeavour in our hyper-saturated, globally connected experience. From the spectacular to the banal, the work considers the hierarchical values we impose on these endeavours, and call into question notions of futility and pragmatism, in terms of their usefulness to the collective organism we call humanity.


10 - 24 Oct 2015