Stuart Faulkner

Stuart Faulkner is one of Sheffield’s most prolific and singular artists. His oeuvre stretches from live performances, to painting and installation. In every instance he is joyfully uncompromising in his investigation of human behavior, creating mood-altering work, which has been described by critics as “ Visual Prozac”. He paints to commission and is represented by the APG Gallery.

Stuart is originally from Scotland but trained as an artist at Sheffield Hallam University. Like many other British art school auteurs before him, it was here he also developed his musical creativity, forming the five-piece glam rock group Pink Grease with Nick Collier and Steve Santa Cruz. Mute Records signed the group in 2003 and they had a number of releases on the label.

Described by The Guardian as ‘performance art riot ‘much of that ethos is sustained in Faulkner’s work today. At Connect the Dots we are delighted to host his interpretation of one of the Greek philosopher’s great allegories ‘Plato’s Cave’ where Socrates describes a gathering of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave. The people watch shadows projected on the wall, and they begin to give names to these shadows. In the installation and performance ‘Plato’s Cave’ Faulkner will explore the situation of an individual freed from this context as he comes to terms with establishing the difference between illusion and reality and an accurate perception of the World around him.