Born out of regular Sheffield meet ups of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network, SONA is a Sheffield-based group which fosters skills, creates space, generates networks, and forges collaboration to support women in learning and experimenting with sound and music practices. Building on a series of Catalyst: Festival of Creativity workshops, our activities encourage more women and girls to explore sound and music technology.

As part of Connect the Dots SONA will be facilitating two open makerspaces for members of the public. We ask our participants to respond to the theme of the festival 'The Sea Around Us' using a range of props and methods to contribute sound to an audio library. These sounds will be used to compose works which will be performed live as part of our 'open rehearsal'.

SONA have been meeting and working at DINA since March 2016, and the space has become our spiritual home. Just as the ocean is made up of many individual waves, so we will be collecting and collaging the contributed sound to collectively compose our sea-inspired performance.