Robert Fung

Robert Fung – Raised on the streets of South Central LA, Fung escaped the cycle of poverty and violence to find salvation within the belly of the bourgeois art world. Despite years of hanging around Mayfair galleries he has never been able to fully run from his gangland past. The work on display here is his attempt to wash some of the blood from his hands.

Tatlins Tower 2016 shows a scale reimagining of the unbuilt soviet era monument of the same name. Instead of being filled with the political future of the failed soviet past it has been reappropriated with the new ecological utopia of our current future. Green and clean, with lasers shooting into space.

They say never turn you’re back on the ocean. It feels like as we move closer to the sky in our cities of towers it could come up and eat us from below.


12 - 26 Nov 2016