Jane Webb

Jane Webb is a Hertfordshire based artist and curator. Since graduating from Central St Martins she has exhibited at the V&A Museum, The London Museum, where she was commissioned to work on Electro-Late. She is the founder and curator of Illumini, a not for profit organisation that promotes digital lights artists. Webb has won The Moich Abrahams Prize for most Innovative work and has recently exhibited her 'Cybernetic' art in Moscow. Jane's interests lie in the ways in which technology is used and abused by society today.

For Connect the Dots 2015, Webb has created the ‘Humanoid’, which explores the various discourses around human reliance on technology and the internet. Webb uses mixed media to create futuristic, illuminating sculptures and installations, where recycled computer and electronic components are assimilated. The simplicity and complexity of circuit board patterns are a strong influence along with imagery of robotics and technological advancements in the area of prosthetics and cybernetics, which give humans a better way of life.