DJ Firmeza

The greater Lisbon area is separated by the Tagus river, North and South.

P.D.D.G. (Piquenos Djs Do Guetto) was a crew from the North Side (2008 - 2013) of which DJ Firmeza was a member. Born in Portugal, he proudly herald's from the Quinta do Mocho hood, where fellow musicians Nervoso and Marfox also reside.

Firmeza is a revered and unmatchable DJ in the wider community, with a unique percussive-heavy, trance-inducing style to his mixing, which also makes him an acclaimed regular on Príncipe's monthly residency at Musicbox club in Lisbon.

Firmeza put his first tracks on wax at the end of 2013 with B.N.M. / P.D.D.G. 's/t' EP on Príncipe, which earned 'Album of the Month' on SPIN's Control Voltage, support on Pitchfork and a laudatory review from Resident Advisor amongst others. Nowadays Firmeza is a lone rider, producing tracks in his bedroom studio, with releases on Príncipe and Warp Records.