Chris Alton

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Chris Alton’s artworks often draw upon multiple, seemingly unassociated, cultural phenomena. Whether deploying disco music against xenophobia or playing table tennis in competition with aggressive architecture, he seeks to highlight unlikely parallels and produce bizarre situations. Through these, he aims to express alternative ways of being in the world, such as defiance, subversion and refusal. This desire stems from his Quaker upbringing, which resonates throughout his practice.

His current project, English Disco Lovers (EDL) will be on show at Connect the Dots 2015. EDL is a multifaceted protest movement, which aims to reclaim the EDL acronym of the English Defence League. Alton adopted the history and etymology of disco, along with its utopian vision, and re-deployed these in opposition to contemporary intolerance. English Disco Lovers (EDL) exists in numerous forms, ‘The Promise of the Internet’ exhibits the EDL as an installation, though it also exists as online occupation, street-level protests, club nights, talks, exhibitions and as a shared idea.