The Promise Of The Internet
10 - 24 October 2015

In her essay ‘Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead?’, artist Hito Steyeri asks: “What happened to the Internet after it stopped being a possibility?”

Connect the Dots 2015 aimed to address that question and explored the contrasting notions of the Internet as both a misguided and hijacked medium, and a collaborative and creative space.

'The Promise of the Internet' will explore duality within the online world: the positive and the negative, the ying and the yang. The exhibition will look at reclaiming the internet, embracing emerging technologies and encouraging connectivity for the common good. It will also align with this year’s launch of the Internet Social Forum by the Global Civil Society, which calls for us to “occupy the Internet” and to “bring together and articulate bottom-up perspectives on the 'Internet we want'”.

The programme of events ran from 10th - 24th October 2015 and also launched DINA, a brand new digital arts venue in the centre of Sheffield. Alongside the exhibition there was a series of workshops and performances.

DINA (32 Cambridge St, Sheffield, S1 4HP)

DINA, 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP